Metal Clay with Patrik Kusek

I haven’t been working in metal clay much lately, so……a couple of weeks ago I took a class with Patrik Kusek.  He’s an incredibly talented artist and winner of the 2oo7 Saul Bell Award in PMC.  It was an introduction to the new PMCPro.  PMCPro was introduced this summer at the PMC Conference at Purdue University and made available to the public in October. It was very easy to use, more pliable and not so quick to dry as the PMC3 I am used to working with. The main thing that interests me is it is stronger than the other PMC products already available. The next project I have to try is a ring, to test the durability and shrinkage rate. It does have a considerably larger shrinkage rate at 20%. The final product is not sterling, but .900 silver. That is due to the addition of more copper, thus increasing the strength.

I didn’t finish my project in class but I’ve been working on it in bits and pieces at home. I plan on enameling it and should have it done soon, so I am very excited. I’ll post a pic when it’s complete.

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